J2EE is revolutionizing the way the server-side business solutions are built and made to play with the web. It provides a standard for simplifying complex business problems with the development, deployment, and management of multi-tier enterprise solutions. To assist organizations determine the best way to adopt a new technology or architect across the enterprise, the Java Technologies Practice helps them to evaluate existing and emerging Java technologies.

We determine the suitability and the impact associated with the adoption of a technology or architectural change by building a proof of concept. This is followed by the preparation of a phased deployment strategy and a detailed project plan. We also define the metrics and key performance indicators so that you can estimate the ROI and TOC for the deployment. Once convinced, we undertake the streamlined, best practices based implementation leveraging our global delivery systems.

Consultants and developers in the practice are industry seasoned professionals with 150+ man years of business consulting and implementation experience across Java Technologies. Hornet offers a comprehensive range of Java development services which spans across architecting, implementation, enhancements, migration and maintenance.

Building end to end J2EE applications: Designing and developing high end J2EE web applications, browser based user interface frameworks, Clustering and Hibernate

Application Modernization: We help move legacy applications and those based on older technologies to Java technologies. The motivation to move could be manifold - maintainability, performance, scalability and portability

Product Enhancement: Extending the functionality of an existing J2EE applications

With these offerings Hornet enables customers to streamline their business processes, enhance collaboration and manage and grow customers and drive better decision making across the enterprise.