Offshore Development

Hornet Technologies approach for offshore Development is to bring value addition with the hybrid model that straight away saves 40% in resource costs. To elaborate more on this, here a few interesting pointers that make us one of the best around the globe.

  • Strong process based governance model that reduces risk
  • Deployment of staff for maximizing through-up
  • Reduction of costs as a result of remote sourcing
  • Multiple locations enabling the addressing of skill shortages
  • Flexible due to event base staffing
  • Allows various transition states by moving overtime
  • Quality centric and proven technique used in many businesses

Hornet technologies has Development centers in Hyderabad, and this enables the global execution capabilities at the project footprints spread across South Africa, UK, US and Canada.

SAP’s configuration being most readable and having uniform language that’s rich in tools such as solution manager- our local or remote support is a always a stable integrated system that is process based, with an ability to co-share environments and rigorous build controls. With an advantage of being customer centric – our global teams are a great mix of resources and locations, and most often are our client’s favorite in their best customer service surveys-us they enjoy our global mapping of round the clock coverage, levels of support and thorough regular reports.