As today’s business era is getting more and more competitive, companies frequently resort to IT to improve their bottom line and to create competitive advantage. The integrated framework provided by SAP enables standardization, visibility, traceability and controllability over business.

SAP is actually a management system for continuous improvement. It is not simply about reengineering the systems; it is all about reengineering the way organizations performs the business.

If you are looking to SAP to reengineer your business process,Hornet Infotech brings the right expertise and it extends implementation services across all the modules: Sales and Distribution, Materials Management, Production Planning, Warehouse Management, Quality Management, Inventory Management, Plant Maintenance, Finance & Controlling, Human Resources, CRM, SRM, APO and many more with respect to the industry solutions.

Hornet Technologies strongly believes in three aspects of the projects:

  • Scope
  • Plan
  • Execute


Hornet Technologies Inc., brings in business experts to do the business process study at a very high-end level which enables effective project objective and goal definition.


Hornet Technologies Inc. brings years of experience in project planning with the objective of providing innovative solutions, quality, and on-time delivery.


Hornet Technologies SAP Certified Functional Analysts working on the project not only bring success, they provide re-engineering of the business process enabling the customer to meet ROI quickly and effectively while lowering TCO. To speed up the implementation cycle,Hornet Infotech uses a template-based approach which reduces the time by at least 30%. TheHornet Infotech team uses the right accelerators at right time in the project execution to reap quick benefits.

Core Differentiation

The core differentiation in our implementation is the handling of the SAP transition and change management. Effectively managing the changes that occur throughout implementation of SAP is critical to realizing the anticipated business benefits. It’s natural for resistance to occur when people are expected to change how they work. Clear communications about roles, processes and changes, including proper training and end-user input during development, are necessary to ensure the changes occur as smoothly as possible yielding the greatest business benefits.

Change Management is driven by the needs of the business and provides strategy and methodology based on insight into the people, processes and technology behind successful enterprise implementations.